Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'll Take Routine, Please

Another routine checkup with my oncologist yesterday turned out to be just that - routine. No changes, no red flags raised, no unusual bumps anywhere, no scares or surprises. I like things being routine sometimes. Days like yesterday make me almost forget that I even had cancer at all, that it's been over five years since my diagnosis. I say "almost" because we never really forget about it. The visits to the oncologist's office remind us without any doubt that we definitely had cancer, but we're just coming back to see if "it's" come back. Strange thing, that cancer. We come back to see if it has returned. Our limited minds conjure up all sorts of scenarios on the way to the office.

And what if it does come back? What will I do then? I don't honestly know. But I guess for now - today - I'll just keep doing what I do every day; I'll trust in the Lord to take me through each struggle, every valley and every storm. Because when you really stop and think about it, even our most challenging days, our troubling pasts, and our difficult moments are all part of His plan to draw us closer to Him. Nothing surprises God. Praise God that our routine days - as well as those that weigh us down - remind us that we're in this together, with Him holding our hand.