Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Christmas Gift

She's adorable! At just a tad over eight weeks old, Mystie, our little Havanese puppy, brings much more joy to our family than I'd expected. We picked her up last Thursday and after being in a her new environment in our home for only three short days, she's already demonstrated that she can sleep through the night! She eats well and even whimpers to go outdoors! We keep her in a fenced in area in our kitchen, so she always sees me and feels secure, yet she does not have the freedom to roam about the house and potentially get into trouble.

You know, I actually look forward to returning home after being away for a couple of hours, just to see her again and rub her cute pink, plump belly. Her tail never stops wagging. In fact, when I initially saw her, she immediately greeted me with a gentle lick and a wagging tail. I knew then that she'd be a faithful little "gift" to us, one that I am sure will only grow more endearing with the passing of each Christmas.


Kim said...

She is so very cute...I can't wait to meet her person to dog.

WhiteStone said...

What an adorable sweetheart! I'll bet she has a happy personality and she will be a joy to all of you.

Sara Williams said...

She is gorgeous!

My first dog Bobbi, she got me through fertility treatment, she got me through labour with my first son and she kept me company during the night feeds.

Bobbi died of cancer aged just 5 but I still feel her in my heart.

I hope you enjoy that special bond with Mystie x

Daria said...

She is beautiful ... she is a treasure. My dog is so healing for me.