Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Small Snowflake

Five degrees. I woke up this morning and sleepily peered at the thermometer, which recorded only five measly degrees as the outside temperature. Surveying my landscape, two feet of snow blanket my world. I also had just finished listening to ALL the local church closings that were broadcasted from my radio. One hundred nineteen of them, all churches whose doors are closed today, resulting in thousands of parishioners staying indoors, and undoubtedly sleeping in longer than usual, perhaps for the first time in weeks.

Five little degrees, more than 119 church doors closed, thousands of people affected. And to think that it all began with one ... little ... snowflake. Quietly, but oh, so powerfully executed. A little ripple effect.

Sometimes, the smallest things in life add up to monumental outcomes, affecting thousands of people, all across vast regions.

Make it count. Make each day count: smile to a stranger, leave an extra tip to a harried waitress, or just do something out of the ordinary for a lonely individual.

Just imagine the ripple effect that might occur. Powerful ... way beyond my (our?) comprehension.


Sara Williams said...

You are so right Karen, the little things mean alot and have such a massive effect. One simple act of kindness or a smile could save a life.

Debby said...

Two feet of snow. Erg. My WV is berrying. Summer is coming!

Anonymous said...

part of me would like to experience this much snow just to see it .... we don't get snow in this part of Oz and its always been something I've wanted to see.
...and I think you are right - look at life and see how you can help :)